Mexican Politics

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) 15 February 2007

Can the old Mexico play its part in forging the new?
A leadership election in the former ruling party could help President Calderón

Felipe Calderón takes office 7 December 2006

Amid the tumult, a voice of authority
A solid if unspectacular start for the president of a divided country

Mexico’s long Presidential election draws to a close 12 October 2006

Chemical reaction
The end of the line for Andrés Manuel López Obrador?

Mexico’s presidential election nears resolution 21 September 2006

The left cannot hold
Mr López Obrador’s campaign of “civil resistance” starts to fizzle

Mexico’s presidential election: result 7 September 2006

Game, set and matches
Felipe Calderón is proclaimed president-elect, but will the loser give in?

Mexico’s presidential election: in limbo 31 August 2006

The court v the street
Felipe Calderón moves a step closer to the presidency but his opponent threatens to make Mexico ungovernable

Mexico’s contested election 3 August 2006

After maths
An impressively bad loser draws the crowds

Demonstrations in Mexico 27 July 2006

Learning by not doing
A teachers’ strike in a poor state has wider implications

Mexico’s presidential election: Tie? 20 July 2006

Uncivilly resistant
The loser looks unlikely ever to concede defeat

Mexico’s elections 13 July 2006

A nation awaits
With court challenges under way, a clear winner looks unlikely before September

Mexico’s presidential election: down to the wire 6 July 2006

The closest of victories
Felipe Calderón, a business-friendly conservative, seems likely to be the next president. Try convincing the loser of that

Mexico’s election: What is at stake 29 June 2006

Six years of refried beans, and little confidence of better to come
Mexico’s next president must improve on Vicente Fox’s mixed record

Mexico’s presidential election: coming soon! 8 June 2006

A tie not broken
A fight to the finish on the economy

Mexico’s presidential campaign: Calderrón moves forward 11 May 2006

Coming from behind
The rise of Felipe Calderón

Mexico’s presidential campaign: AMLO weakens 20 April 2006

The front-runner under pressure
With his opinion-poll lead wobbling, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has yet to define precisely what sort of change he stands for

Television in Mexico 6 April 2006

Boob tube
A licence for monopolies

Mexico’s presidential campaign: the PRI as kingmaker 23 February 2006

The sinking of a flagship
Could Mexico be heading for a coalition government with the PRI?

Mexico’s trade unions 10 November 2005

Unreformed, unrepresentative
Relatively few Mexicans join a union but their bosses still wield great power

Mexico’s presidential race 20 October 2005

The third man
Calderón changes the calculus

Sugar in Mexico 22 September 2005

How sweet it isn’t
Addicted to outmoded regulation