8 August 2013 08:24

Hey @nytimes you’ve got an extra “e” on your front page there, right after “silicon”


8 August 2013 08:00

Don’t put all of your eggs in two baskets. #truebutnotproverbial

7 August 2013 22:54

Someone stole the Burj Dubai and moved it to Mongolia!

7 August 2013 17:09

Psyched to see “The Pioneer Detectives” new @The_Millions book (by me) make the top 10 science books on Kindle Store…

7 August 2013 09:01

Vivid flames from Kenya’s airport fire:…

6 August 2013 09:55

Worthwhile interview w Bezos biographer. Curious for more blue origin details……

5 August 2013 18:58

That’s Amazon Pub from today…


5 August 2013 18:15

Awkward afternoon in the Bezos household, as he returns from supermarket with gallon of milk, dozen eggs, loaf of bread, and the newspaper.

5 August 2013 18:01

The WashPo furnace purchase last week looks so much stranger after today’s developments:…

5 August 2013 17:31

Gotta feel bad for the fellow who wrote this piece on the Post’s real estate moves an hour ago:…

5 August 2013 17:25

If you’re wondering how many copies of the paper Bezos can afford, it’s 92.8. (Net worth $23.2 billion)/($250 million per newspaper).

5 August 2013 17:13

The Washington Paper-Kindle is a perfectly respectable name for a newspaper.

1 August 2013 09:22

.@ThinReads had questions about… & I had answers. Check ’em out:… (cc @The_Millions )

31 July 2013 12:55

I worry xKeyscore might be a bit 1-dimensional in the information it gathers. Hope yKeyscore and zKeyscore give authorities full 3-d info.

30 July 2013 16:36

High time this entered the lexicon: “entroduce”–to introduce mutual acquaintances to one another via e-mail. From e-introduce. (2013)

29 July 2013 16:38

Thanks to @jeff_foust for his thoughtful & kind review ( “a fascinating read” of

29 July 2013 12:31

The quiet Americans:… (via @jimbohider)

27 July 2013 08:09

The long life and sudden death of Hervé le Gallou:…

26 July 2013 15:00

Quartificial intelligence:… (Via @NatureNews)

24 July 2013 11:52

Wondering what Hugo Chavez would have thought of the new Mr Danger? Would he too be a donkey?…