This page contains articles I wrote for The Economist. From 2005 to 2009, I was Mexico City bureau chief and wrote about Latin America. From 2002 to 2005, I covered science and technology, from London. Some articles are available only to subscribers--please contact me to obtain a copy of such an article.

Drone-based film-making 16 November 2015

Why good drone art is necessary
A review of the New York Drone Film Festival.
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Drone strikes and international law 22 April 2015

Fallout reaches the ivory tower
NYU law school students react to Harold Koh’s support for targeted killings.
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Regulating Persistence 19 March 2015

Why persistent surveillance must be regulated
A brief response to Obama’s call for comment on drones and privacy.
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Looking for ET 25 February 2010

Signs of life
As the search for alien life turns 50, its practitioners find new methods

Honduras and Venezuela 30 October 2008

Zelaya plays the Chávez card
Why Honduras wanted 4m light bulbs

Mexico’s war with the cartels 30 October 2008

Spot the drug trafficker
The arrest of senior officials shows the government’s resolve in fighting drug traffickers-and that the rot in law enforcement reaches the top

Mexico’s lame duck president 4 September 2008

Oh rose, thou art sick
The president faces a long goodbye

The Caribbean and the Olympics 28 August 2008

Champs and chumps
Why Jamaica outpointed Cuba

Nicaragua 14 August 2008

Tearing up the rules
Daniel Ortega bans his foes

Refrigerator factory diary 8 August 2008

Birth of the cool
Notes from The Little Tramp’s stamping ground

Mexico’s left wing 31 July 2008

Left behind
The left’s strange disarray

Energy reform in Mexico 24 July 2008

Crude and oily
A controversial referendum and the future of the state oil company

Telecoms in Mexico 10 July 2008

Slim’s pickings
More competition should help to drive down exorbitant phone charges

Cuba and the European Union 26 June 2008

Anyone for cocktails?
Outsiders bet that bigger changes are on their way (with Michael Reid in London)

Mexico and the United States 19 June 2008

A wary friendship
Amid bad temper and wounded pride, Mexico and the United States inch towards compromise on a plan to boost the fight against drug crime

Education in Mexico 22 May 2008

Testing the teachers
An attempt to tame the teachers’ union

Drug violence in Mexico 15 May 2008

Can the army out-gun the drug lords?
Four top police officers, and more than a hundred people, are killed over the course of a single week in drug-related shootings

Mining 15 May 2008

Sterling silver
A Mexican IPO boosts London’s status as a mining hub

The Dominican Republic: elections 8 May 2008

Two cheers for Fernández
The president heads for a third term

Mexican banks 1 May 2008

Riding high
Mexico’s fast-growing banks appear unusually unaffected by the financial crisis north of the border