The Caribbean

The Last Days of Bank Secrecy? 1 September 2009

An article I wrote for Poder, a magazine about business in Latin America, that describes the crumbling of bank secrecy and what it means for the region.

Shelter from the Storm 15 May 2009

An article for Poder, a Latin American business magazine, about the impact of the economic crisis on the Caribbean.

Rebuilding Haiti 12 February 2009

Weighed down by disasters
A modest success for the United Nations is threatened by nature and lassitude

Haiti 12 February 2009

The island and the outside world
Being in Haiti without being in Haiti

The Caribbean and the Olympics 28 August 2008

Champs and chumps
Why Jamaica outpointed Cuba

Cuba and the European Union 26 June 2008

Anyone for cocktails?
Outsiders bet that bigger changes are on their way (with Michael Reid in London)

The Dominican Republic: elections 8 May 2008

Two cheers for Fernández
The president heads for a third term

The Caribbean Economy 3 April 2008

A storm brews
Worrying about an American recession, inflation and Venezuelan aid

Report from Haiti 2 August 2007

A small success for the UN
Security is improving in what was a Caribbean failed state. Poverty and policing are harder to tackle

Nation Building in Haiti 8 February 2007

Building a reluctant nation
René Préval and the UN have made modest progress but have yet to turn Haiti into a viable country

Cuba’s doctors 25 January 2007

Dr Diplomat
Exporting medicine and influence

Cuba and Fidel Castro 4 January 2007

Uncertainties over Fidel Castro’s health continue to cloud the island’s future

Correspondent’s Diary: Havana 15 December 2006

Now we make politics
Our correspondent enjoys the twilight of Castro’s Cuba Web only

Lionel Fernandez triumphs in the mid-terms 18 May 2006

Reform rewarded
More power for an effective president