Earth and Life Sciences

A Hundred Million Invaders 1 February 2017

NY/NJ Baykeeper’s War on Microplastic
A multimedia piece on the impact of plastic refuse in oceans generally, and New York harbor in particular.
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Simon diga 17 June 2004

Simon says
Bilingualism may help protect the mind in old age.

New approaches to cancer treatment 22 January 2004

Malignant maths
Mathematical models aid the understanding of cancer.
Plus new thermal treatmentsof cancer.

Lightening, analyzed 4 December 2003

Sturm und Drang
No one understands lightning. But here are some interesting investigations into the subject.

Robot monkeys 16 October 2003

Monkey see, monkey do
Monkeys can be made to move robot arms with their thoughts.

Taking pictures of a human camera 20 February 2003

In the twinkling of an eye
A way for scientists to get better pictures of the retina.

Kablouie! (djou see that coming?) 16 January 2003

All hot and bothered
Scientists may one day be able to predict volcanic eruptions.

Gene sequencing 5 December 2002

Modest mouse
A draft sequence of the mouse genome has been published.

So that’s what hapenned 19 September 2002

Transcendental Medicine
Out-of-body experiences come from stimulating one part of the brain.

Whirlwind 23 August 2001

Storm troopers
A step forward in the understanding of hurricanes should soon take place.

Ouch!? 14 June 2001

Light at the end?
Keyboard use may not be the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.