Crime and Drugs in Mexico

Chronicle of a War Foretold 5 January 2012

Violence Begets Violence in Mexico
How nobody understands what spurred 45,000 drug-related murders in Mexico, though Ioan Grillo’s new book El Narco does a good job of trying to.
[Zocalo Public Square]

Mexico’s war with the cartels 30 October 2008

Spot the drug trafficker
The arrest of senior officials shows the government’s resolve in fighting drug traffickers-and that the rot in law enforcement reaches the top

Mexico and the United States 19 June 2008

A wary friendship
Amid bad temper and wounded pride, Mexico and the United States inch towards compromise on a plan to boost the fight against drug crime

Drug violence in Mexico 15 May 2008

Can the army out-gun the drug lords?
Four top police officers, and more than a hundred people, are killed over the course of a single week in drug-related shootings

Mexico and human rights 14 February 2008

Big, expensive and weirdly spineless
A much-needed human-rights watchdog continues to disappoint

Mexico’s battle with drug gangs 31 January 2008

Marching as to war
Drug gangs ratchet up the violence in Mexico as judicial reform begins

Violence in Mexico 25 October 2007

A dangerous trade
Can a new law protect journalists?

Mexico’s War on Drugs 14 June 2007

State of siege
A government’s uphill struggle against drug trafficking and the violence it spawns

Mexico City and Crime 8 March 2007

His own man
A mayor gets tough on crime

Crime in Mexico 25 January 2007

The tough get going
The new president has sent the army after the drug mobs. More importantly, he has started to reform the police

Mexico and Drug Legalisation 4 May 2006

Just (don’t) legalise it
A muddle over drugs

Mexico’s justice system 6 October 2005

Righting the scales
The long path towards justice

Drugs and violence in Mexico 30 June 2005

The war on the border streets
Americans’ demand for illegal drugs has created powerful crime syndicates in Mexico. The country’s police, only partly reformed, struggle to keep up

Mexico, the US, and Drugs 16 June 2005

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
Drug violence on the Mexican border