South America

A son’s portrait of his murderous drug lord father, Pablo Escobar 30 September 2016

This unsettlingly shallow memoir of a drug kingpin falls flat.
A review of “Pablo Escobar, My Father” by Juan Pablo Escobar.
[Washington Post]

The Philosopher-Fisticuffers 14 September 2011

A review of Enrique Krauze’s new book Redeemers
Which consists of 12 profiles of Latin American figures, and is a good read.
[Zocalo Public Square]

Ecuador: Rafael Correa 19 April 2007

Tightening his grip
Another Andean president seeks sweeping powers to remake his country’s politics

Ecuador and the United States 19 December 2006

Your base or mine?
A looming fight over the drug war

Uribe wins re-election 1 June 2006

Uribe’s mandate
Now for the hard part

Uribe wins (web update) 29 May 2006

Uribe’s second term
Colombia’s president wins another four years in

Web only

Colombia’s Presidential Election 25 May 2006

Uribe prepares for an encore
A remarkable, if controversial, president seeks a second term