The Pioneer Detectives

Thanks to Jason Kottke! 14 August 2013

Thanks to Jason Kottke for the kind mention of The Pioneer Detectives on his blog!

C-SPAN’s Book TV 5 August 2013

A few weeks ago I got to take part in a panel discussion about The Pioneer Detectives and cosmic anomalies at New America’s space in New York City.

C-SPAN’s Book TV kindly came and filmed the event and is broadcasting it on TV and on their website.

Future Tense Podcast 1 August 2013

I spoke with the New America Foundation’s Cyrus Nemati in this podcast about The Pioneer Detectives.

Voyager, the Pioneer anomaly, and NASA’s good old days 15 July 2013

The modest, mighty Voyager and Pioneer probes are still generating news today.
An essay on what made the Voyager and Pioneer spacecraft great, with special emphasis on the Pioneer Anomaly, treated in more detail in my new book, The Pioneer Detectives.