Mexican Business and Culture

Book Review: ‘The Interior Circuit’ by Francisco Goldman 9 August 2014

Ka Wong Seng looks as if it fell into a Chinatown wormhole and emerged complete with roasted duck.
Review of Goldman’s memoir of Mexico City, which I think does not succeed in its aims.
[Wall Street Journal]

The last days of the scribe 20 November 2008

The scribes’ lament
A dying profession in the heart of the city

Locked in the grid: how we fail each other 1 October 2008

An essay about how the breakdown of civil society in Mexico leads to inefficiency.

Refrigerator factory diary 8 August 2008

Birth of the cool
Notes from The Little Tramp’s stamping ground

Telecoms in Mexico 10 July 2008

Slim’s pickings
More competition should help to drive down exorbitant phone charges

Mining 15 May 2008

Sterling silver
A Mexican IPO boosts London’s status as a mining hub

Higher education in Mexico 6 December 2007

A doctor takes charge
Big university, big scientific ambitions

Mexico’s postal services 23 March 2006

On Mexican time
An improvement from appalling to bad

Hurricane Wilma 26 January 2006

Halfway back
Repairing Cancún after Wilma

Face value 13 October 2005

The master builder
How Lorenzo Zambrano built a global leader from modest origins in Mexico

Bankruptcy 7 July 2005

Round and round
A cross-border battle over a bankrupt Mexican satellite provider

Sport in Mexico 9 June 2005

Latin Lovers for all the family
Wrestling moves upmarket

The triumphs and travails of Ricardo Salinas Pliego 2 June 2005

Going South
A Mexican tycoon quits New York