Bad Math Props Up Border Wall 18 October 2016

Estimating the cost (in dollars) of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall
It would be many times more expensive than he claims.
[MIT Technology Review]

Book Review: ‘The Interior Circuit’ by Francisco Goldman 9 August 2014

Ka Wong Seng looks as if it fell into a Chinatown wormhole and emerged complete with roasted duck.
Review of Goldman’s memoir of Mexico City, which I think does not succeed in its aims.
[Wall Street Journal]

Extraditions to the US 2 July 2012
If Mexico Were a Movie 1 June 2011

Uncle Sam Would be the Villain
How the US has undermined Mexico’s development
[Zocalo Public Square]

Thank god for the colon dept 16 August 2010

Not that this is a good thing, but would’ve been much worse news with different punctuation….

Mexico: City’s Mayor Is Kidnapped

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