Mexican Politics

Book Review: ‘The Interior Circuit’ by Francisco Goldman 9 August 2014

Ka Wong Seng looks as if it fell into a Chinatown wormhole and emerged complete with roasted duck.
Review of Goldman’s memoir of Mexico City, which I think does not succeed in its aims.
[Wall Street Journal]

The mayor of Mexico City 18 December 2008

Backroom boss
The left’s moderate radical

Mexico’s lame duck president 4 September 2008

Oh rose, thou art sick
The president faces a long goodbye

Mexico’s left wing 31 July 2008

Left behind
The left’s strange disarray

Energy reform in Mexico 24 July 2008

Crude and oily
A controversial referendum and the future of the state oil company

Education in Mexico 22 May 2008

Testing the teachers
An attempt to tame the teachers’ union

Mexico’s energy reform 10 April 2008

Felipe Calderón sends a modest plan to Congress, which girds for battle

The Return of AMLO 19 March 2008

The resurrection
The return of a former opponent adds to the president’s troubles

Pemex 19 December 2007

Running just to stand still
How to reform the flawed behemoth that is the world’s sixth-biggest oil producer

Presidential Memoirs 4 October 2007

Reflections from the ranch
Vicente Fox remembers

Felipe Calderón passes some reforms 20 September 2007

Reforms at last
The president shows himself to be a successful dealmaker

Felipe Calderón’s presidency 13 September 2007

Mexico’s teetering president
Bombed pipelines and battles in Congress, but the reforms go on

Education in Mexico 19 July 2007

“The teacher” holds back the pupils
Elba Esther Gordillo, an old-fashioned union boss, has a stranglehold over her country’s failing schools

AMLO refuses to give up 5 July 2007

Boring on
A bad loser’s tale

Felipe Calderón attempts energy reform 21 June 2007

Having his cake and eating it
Felipe Calderón unveils a bold fiscal reform package

The Teevee 31 May 2007

Court TV
A different approach to regulating television

the PRI 24 May 2007

Youthful in Yucatán
The former ruling party tries to reinvent itself

Abortion rights in Mexico 26 April 2007

Breaking a taboo
A landmark abortion law marks the start of American-style culture wars

Mexico and Central America 12 April 2007

Countering Chávez
An alliance that dares not speak its name

Calderón shows promise 4 April 2007

An early harvest for Calderón
Contrary to many predictions, the president is not just governing but even achieving some reforms