Latin America and the Caribbean

Nicaragua 14 August 2008

Tearing up the rules
Daniel Ortega bans his foes

Refrigerator factory diary 8 August 2008

Birth of the cool
Notes from The Little Tramp’s stamping ground

Mexico’s left wing 31 July 2008

Left behind
The left’s strange disarray

Energy reform in Mexico 24 July 2008

Crude and oily
A controversial referendum and the future of the state oil company

Telecoms in Mexico 10 July 2008

Slim’s pickings
More competition should help to drive down exorbitant phone charges

Cuba and the European Union 26 June 2008

Anyone for cocktails?
Outsiders bet that bigger changes are on their way (with Michael Reid in London)

Mexico and the United States 19 June 2008

A wary friendship
Amid bad temper and wounded pride, Mexico and the United States inch towards compromise on a plan to boost the fight against drug crime

Education in Mexico 22 May 2008

Testing the teachers
An attempt to tame the teachers’ union

Drug violence in Mexico 15 May 2008

Can the army out-gun the drug lords?
Four top police officers, and more than a hundred people, are killed over the course of a single week in drug-related shootings

Mining 15 May 2008

Sterling silver
A Mexican IPO boosts London’s status as a mining hub

The Dominican Republic: elections 8 May 2008

Two cheers for Fernández
The president heads for a third term

Mexican banks 1 May 2008

Riding high
Mexico’s fast-growing banks appear unusually unaffected by the financial crisis north of the border

A tale of two Mexicos 24 April 2008

North and south
Why can’t its stagnant southern states catch up with the rest of Mexico?

The Race to find the World’s Biggest Underwater Caves 15 April 2008

In the April 2008 issue of Discover magazine, I wrote a story about two explorers, one British and one German, who are among the world’s leading cave divers, and of how they found the connection between Sac Actun and Nohoch Nah Chich, in the Yucatan peninsula, finding what was at the time the world’s biggest underwater cave.

Mexico’s energy reform 10 April 2008

Felipe Calderón sends a modest plan to Congress, which girds for battle

The Caribbean Economy 3 April 2008

A storm brews
Worrying about an American recession, inflation and Venezuelan aid

The Return of AMLO 19 March 2008

The resurrection
The return of a former opponent adds to the president’s troubles

Guatemala and justice 19 March 2008

A test of will
A new UN body tries to fix a broken justice system

NAFTA 6 March 2008

An unreliable ally
The neighbours fear American protectionism

Mexico and human rights 14 February 2008

Big, expensive and weirdly spineless
A much-needed human-rights watchdog continues to disappoint