The 40-year itch 5 October 2011

How to build a really awesome spaceship, maybe
Would-be space explorers, scientists, and a couple of crackpots gather at DARPA’s 100-Year Starship Symposium to try to get interstellar travel unstuck.

Salvaging space 1 September 2011

Cleaning up low-Earth-orbit debris might lead to new space technologies.
Why problems are sometimes useful to have.

Weapons in space 16 August 2011
The playstation and the warfighter 2 December 2004

Playing to win
Can video games help train soldiers?

Without resistance 3 June 2004

Full steam ahead
What superconductors can do

Super-super-sonic Flight 27 March 2004

Speed demon
The first flight of a scramjet–at Mach 7.

A finely drawn map 13 March 2004

Why speed isn’t everything
The next generation of microchip design

Modernising aeroplanes 13 March 2004

Heart of glass
Glass cockipts come to general aviation.

Solid-state light 6 March 2004

Seeing c
How to freeze light on a computer chip.

Out of mind 4 December 2003

Out of sight
A transparent magnet could be used to make new kinds of memories and displays.

After the fingerprint 4 December 2003

Prepare to be scanned
Biometrics: High-tech security systems that rely on detailed measurements of the human body, known as biometrics, are taking off. But should they be?
And, an accompanying leader (editorial), written with Tom Standage.

Secrets 4 September 2003

Uncrackable beams of light
Quantum cryptography–—hailed by theoreticians as the ultimate of uncrackable codes—is finally going commercial.

Nanotechnology 4 September 2003

More light than heat
A new sort of nanoglass would allow offices to stay bright but remain cool.

Infection! 28 August 2003

Re: That movie
The latest computer scourges, and their consequences–the significance and future of SoBig.F and the Blaster.

Wacky aeroplanes 7 August 2003

Wings of desire
New technology may change how people fly–a report from the Experimental Aircraft Association’s annual fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Plus, ultralight aircraft in Oshkosh; their increasing usefullness.

Dwelling above 3 July 2003

Suspended animation
Unmanned craft loitering in the stratosphere may soon supplant satellites.
Plus a box on a stealthy drone that flies like an aeroplane and takes off like a helicopter. >>>

Modern office 19 June 2003

Uncrossed wires
A better way to teleconference.

Can video games do good? 29 May 2003

Shoot ’em up
Playing action games improves visual skills.

New chip flavour 8 May 2003

On the tube
A new type of computer memory uses carbon, rather than silicon.

Efficiency in the kitchen 30 March 2003

Some cool ideas
Traditional refrigeration may be eased out with new technologies.